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PA End of year potluck Celebration

End of Year Parent Potluck - Hosted by Parent Association

We are having a brunch celebration, it's the end of the school year! Take the time to come and meet other parents, bring a dish, a treat, something to drink, anything you would like to share for this Year end event! If you don't have come and just enjoy learning about the community your child lives in, from parents that are here engaging and helping to make our school the best for their children, as well as yours.

Come celebrate with us!

When and Where:
Saturday, June 10th at 11am in the Campus Library located on the 3rd floor across from the large glass windows.

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Welcome to Astor Collegiate Academy

Astor Collegiate Academy prepares students to understand, contribute to, and succeed in an ever-changing society.  We will ensure that our students develop the skills and competencies required to advance as well as a lead in this emerging economy.
Guided by our core values – COMMUNITY, CONSISTENCY, PERSEVERANCE, INDEPENDENCE & INTEGRITY – Astor is committed to life-long learning and educational innovation.  Cultivating these values will encourage personal accountability and engage students as participants in a democratic society and a global collective.  Students at Astor will develop intellectual independence through personal experience, collaboration, risk-taking, and inquiry.
The educational experience at Astor Collegiate Academy appreciates all areas of study with an interdisciplinary curriculum while also addressing the non-traditional dimensions of our students – their social, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

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